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About us at HES Ltd

A small independent environmental consultancy, directed by John Harcombe, working with local partners, to bring competitive and flexible solutions to developers and local authorities in the areas of Flood Risk, Drainage, Contaminated Land and Ecology

Flood Risk Assessment and Drainage Designs

We undertake Flood Risk Assessments and Sequential/Exception Testing for any new development within the flood plain. We can also produce surface water drainage designs for new builds or surface water assessments for house buyers and developers.

We can also help you with any other flooding or drainage concerns you might have with an existing property, to help protect your property against future flooding.

Riverbank repair - design and construction

We have extensive experience in the design, consent and management of riverbank repair and flood protection projects. We can survey your site and produce assessment reports and Concept, Outline and Detailed engineering designs. We can also get you all the necessary consents to work in the watercourse, if required.

We also work closely with a few very competent and competitively priced civil contractors to make your design a reality, working as design or site engineer.

Contaminated Land and Waste treatment

Here at HES  Ltd we can undertake detailed Phase-1 Contamination reports and Contaminated Land Risk Assessments to support your planning application on re-used land. If a Phase-2 assessment or Remediation report is required we work closely with Geochemical specialists to provide this.

We also have extensive experience in waste treatment design and optimisation and can produce a sewage treatment design or manage your sewage works' handover to the Water Company, as required.

Ecology surveys - Habitats and protected species

We undertake numerous ecological surveys every year including Phase-1 Habitat surveys, protected species pre-construction assessments as well as more detailed Baseline Surveys and Management Plans.

We pride ourselves on our diligence and competence in the field of practical ecology and will work closely with you throughout your project to help you protect your environment and stay the right side of the law. 
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